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Get A Grip! How to Improve Your Grip and Forearm Strength!

One of the key limiting factors to performance in both sports and general population people is poor grip strength. Not only will improving grip and forearm strength improve sports performance in racquet sports, baseball, lacrosse, softball, hockey, wrestling, football, basketball. Hell, improving grip strength will improve performance in any sport requiring you to grab or hold something. For all the general population people improving grip strength will help you carry heavier things, hold your kids, help with yard work using garden tools and power equipment, carrying groceries, laundry baskets and moving furniture around when desired. An added benefit to improving grip strength will also be the decrease in wrist and elbow injuries. So if you are ready to start training your forearms to be like Popeye’s keep reading.


The following workout is designed to improve 2 of the 3 types of grip strength support grip and to  lesser degree crush grip. Choose to perform either the barbell hold or body weight hangs for the grip portion of the workout. Alternate the grip exercise each workout to train your grip in different positions. Choose a weight you can hold for about 30 seconds. Set a timer for 2 minutes. Hit start and grab the bar and hold it as long as you can. Once you lose your grip rest for 10-15 seconds and try again for as long as you can. Do this until 2 minutes is up. Then rest 3 minutes and perform 2-3 sets of bottoms up kettlebell curl to press 8-10 reps each arm. Rest 90 seconds between sets. All of the exercises are demonstrated in the videos below.

Perform each workout as it is laid out for you for 4-6 weeks. I like to do them as a finisher at the end of a workout. Give this a try and you’ll have a killer grip and Popeye forearms in no time.


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