KSTRENGTH’s Athletic Preparation Program (K.A.P.P.)


Youth through professional sports today is more intense and competitive than years ago. Proper athletic training today is more important than ever. Not only for improving performance to make the team or getting a college scholarship but most importantly to prevent injuries. To stay healthy and perform at the highest level day in and day out takes proper training and nutrition. Cookie cutter and randomized workouts with poor nutrition won’t cut it. ( No pun intended)

The KSTRENGTH Athletic Preparation Program is for serious athletes only! Athletes that are ready to put in the hard work, dedication, and sacrifice necessary to and improve their health, performance and take their game to the next level.

Program Includes:

  • Comprehensive Evaluation including To begin with each at athlete receives a FREE ! ($80 value) comprehensive evaluation consisting of health history, body composition, postural analysis, muscle strength, balance and flexibility tests, 10-yard dash, 5-10-5 Pro Agility, vertical jump, penta-jump.

The purpose of this evaluation is 3 fold:

*Gather a baseline of information

*Measure improvement over time

*Gather necessary information to identify the specific needs of each individual for proper  program design

  •  Personalized Progressive Strength Training Phases

Every athlete gets their own professionally designed, personalized workout and nutrition program based on their individual needs and goals. Each phase is designed to progress from the previous phase to construct a high-performance athletic machine from the ground up.

  •  Progressive Speed, Agility and Power Training Phases:

The KSTRENGTH system of speed and agility development focuses on properly utilizing individual appropriate mechanical drills, plyometrics and muscle activation exercises in a sequential fashion designed to train the body’s nervous system from the inside out. So what does this mean in English? It means that everyone doing the same drills, misusing abusing plyometrics and using speed workouts like conditioning workouts will not happen here. Why? Because it either barely works or doesn’t work at all.  Just like our strength programs each athlete receives a personalized speed/power/agility workout based on their level, needs, and goals. Pair this with our system of focusing on the intricate details of athletic movement often overlooked by most coaches the K-Strength method will provide superior results in speed and athletic movement in record time.

Here is what else they get:

  •  Take Home Flexibility Program to address and improve poor flexibility and flexibility  imbalances that may impede performance and lead to injury
  •  Personalized Take Home Nutrition Guidelines based on individual goals and needs of gaining lean body mass and losing fat
  •  Supplement recommendations  to help achieve results as fast as possible
  •  Food Logs to monitor food and supplement intake to assure compliance
  •  Sports Specific Conditioning sessions that train the specific energy system utilized in your sport
  •  Monthly Monitoring and Periodic Reassessments to track progress and maximize results
  •  In Season Maintenance Programming to maintain performance, body composition and prevent injuries year round!

Four Package Choices Are Available:

  •  K.A.P.P. Premier Program: 16 Training sessions/month:
  • 8-12 Strength Training Sessions
  • 4-8  Power/Speed/Agility/Conditioning Sessions
  • K.A.P.P. Elite Program: 12 Training sessions/month:
  • 8 Strength Training Sessions
  • 4 Speed/Agility/Conditioning Sessions
  • K.A.P.P. Results Program: 8 Training Sessions/month
  • 8 Strength Training Sessions
  • OR
  • 4 Strength Training Sessions and 4 Speed/Agility/Conditioning Sessions

These programs are designed to be as long as you are committed to your sport or goal. However, a minimum of a 3-month commitment is required to give your body adequate time to adapt and properly progress. Proper sports training is a lifestyle commitment and long-term process if you desire long term success!

*We require a 3 month minimum commitment

*All training sessions must be scheduled in advance

* Sessions cannot be transferred month to month

*Serious Athletes Only!

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