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Personal Training

K-Strength Personal Training is the future of individualized workouts. This program is designed to meet each clients specific needs and goals. Clients are personally evaluated including health history, body composition, exercise and movement screening and goal setting session. With the acquired information we design a specific program to address each client’s needs and optimally attain their goals.

The sessions are done in a semi-private format meaning, you will be performing your individualized program while 2-3 other clients are training simultaneously.  All clients are supervised and advised throughout the training session by a certified coaching professional. This format is much more motivational and economical providing an amazing experience at an amazing price. 

At the conclusion of each workout, each client will do a short “finisher” to help accelerate fat loss and improve conditioning followed by a one on one P.N.F. stretch with a trainer. 

If you are looking to take your results to a whole new level then this program is for you. This program is even more effective when combined with our boot camp sessions.

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