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Ten Stretches to Improve Flexibility and Alleviate Pain At Work

In this day and age, it is not uncommon for people to spend the majority of their day sitting down. We wake up, get ready for work and sit down and have breakfast. Then we sit down and drive or commute to work. A large percentage of jobs require us to sit at a desk all day long. Then you sit in a car or train to commute home. Then you sit down and eat dinner. Then you sit on the couch and watch television. etc. etc. etc. That’s a hell of a lot of sitting and not much activity. The downside to this is not only will you lose your flexibility and become stiff and tight but according to new studies sitting is directly linked to potential causes of disease! 

In the following video, I demonstrate a sequence of 10 Stretches designed to loosen tight muscles, increase blood flow, alleviate stiffness and decrease pain. There are hundreds of stretches so feel free to add any that resonate with you. These stretches can be done right at your desk in 5-10 minutes.  So if you are someone who spends most of your day seated give this sequence a try each day for the next few weeks. You can perform the stretching sequence every hour or two if desired. If you do, you should notice an improvement in flexibility, decrease in stiffness and pain and even improved work performance. Reply in comments how it works for you. 

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