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Body/Energy Work

Do you suffer from physical or emotional injuries? Have you tried other treatment/modalities and were still unable to resolve your pain? Well, now it is time to end your suffering and start feeling better TODAY!

The problem is that most treatment modalities only focus on the area of pain. The reason that this is oftentimes not effective is that the cause of the pain or restriction may be coming from a completely different area of the body or even from an emotion that needs to be addressed.

So how is this different?

VOILA SOUL-utions for the  Mind & Body is a Simple, Revolutionary Path to Health, Healing, and Movement.  VOILA will empower you to eliminate pain, restore movement and achieve well-being. The client is actively a part of healing themselves.  The ART of LISTENING is the Heart of the VOILA Method.

The SOUL instrument to the mind and body, VOILA Balances the SOUL, Mind, Body to get you to your natural state of harmony to achieve Peace in the Mind and remove pain from the Body & Find True Self.

VOILÀ Method is a systematic, dynamic & fluid Mind/Body assessment.  VOILA Assessment performed throughout the ENTIRE session.  This is the Key for the VOILA treatment to get to the core cause of pain!  

I couple this amazing technique with different variations of myofascial stretching to remove restrictions, improve movement and reduce pain.

This combination has helped hundreds of people decrease or eliminate pain, feel better and get back to everyday activities or their sport in record time!

Here is what some of my clients have to say:

“I’ve been a member of the K-strength family now for over 2 years. During that time, I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to experience several Viola treatments from Kevin, on various anatomical locations. Not only did the Viola technique provide me, in most cases, immediate relief, but in many instances, greatly improved the pain symptoms I had been experiencing. The idea that there was more to my pain syndrome than just point tenderness, was somewhat far-fetched.  Often times, however, I learned, there were triggers associated with other areas of my body or my state of mind. Becoming aware of this, helped me gain a better insight into my pain syndrome and gave me ideas on other means to combat it. 
If your hesitant or maybe you’ve already tried a whole host of other non-successful treatments, I encourage you to give Viola a try! You will not be disappointed!” 
D.Dobkowski P.A.

“Years of working at a computer had created chronic tension and pain in my brachioradialis muscle in both forearms.  Performing pull-ups and biceps curls was very painful and nearly impossible.  Two therapy sessions with Kevin provided some instant relief but a few weeks later I noticed the pain had disappeared entirely allowing me to resume full training again.  It was really remarkable.  Kevin’s knowledge and genuine passion towards my training have given me the opportunity to gain muscle strength and flexibility that I would never have achieved on my own.”

Chris Seliga, 50 years strong

“I feel compelled to write a testimonial for Kevin because he is amazing!
Kevin’s approach to healing is the kind that we would all wish from our Healthcare providers. He looks at the body holistically!

That is, not just in treating the area in which you are experiencing pain, but in actually getting to the root of the problem, which may originate from a completely different area.

What is particularly special about Kevin are his keen intuitive skills, his quiet resolve, and how much he cares about the people he works on. You will be hard pressed to find all those qualities in any one person anywhere!

On three separate occasions, I have come to Kevin hobbling and in great pain. Each time he has gotten me back to running without pain and avoiding surgery.

Kevin has also treated several of my family members with the same results. Therefore, I wholeheartedly endorse Kevin. As I mentioned at the beginning, he is truly amazing and I am confident you will feel the same way after he works on you!”

Gordon Glyck

I hurt my lower back while playing tennis.  My muscles were sore and I was in so much pain that I couldn’t sleep that night.  I went to Kevin the next day.  He worked on my back for about 45 minutes, and I felt better.  I was able to sleep through the night without taking any pain medicine.  It was amazing!  No physical therapy, no chiropractors, no ALEVE…  just Kevin.Over teh years he has helped me with numerous injuries and always kept me healthy and in the game.

Aric Shelko


Sessions are from 30-60 minutes depending on your needs.  They are by appointment only. For available times please call us at 973-227-2873 or contact us using the form below.