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During the tail end of a training session with one of my elite athletes, we had a discussion about people, life and how for some reason we usually get exactly what we earn. I know it’s a pretty deep discussion for the end of a workout but a great workout can inspire more than a great muscle pump. This conversation reminded me of something I learned from one of my favorite college professors back in the day and I would like to share it with you.

People Pyramid

In our lives, we are surrounded and influenced by many people. This represents a grouping of every type of person we have already or will ever encounter in our lives shown on a pyramid. The bottom represents the lowest level of a person and the top the highest level.

The second area of the pyramid contains the “average Joe’s”. These are the majority of the people we come in contact with everyday. These are the people that do just what is necessary to get by. They talk a lot about all the things they want or are going to do but are not willing to put forth the extra work necessary to achieve these goals.

The third highest part of the pyramid contains the “Winners”. These are the people that strive to always better themselves and all those around them. They look for problems to solve and solve them. They are the leaders and the captains of a team.These are the people that succeed and find ways to achieve their dreams!

The top contains the “Elite”. These are the people that run the world. They are world leaders, corporation owners, the great humanitarians, spiritual leaders and Olympic champions.These are the people that succeed no matter what and will never allow themselves to fall!

Take a good look around you and take a good look at yourself. Where would you place yourself on the pyramid? Are you a “winner”? If not get the losers out of your life and get off your butt start becoming one.It has been said that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. So start surrounding yourself with winners and you will be pleasantly surprised at how successful you will become!

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