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Client of the Month

Client of the Month

Meet Liat. Liat is the 2nd place winner of our 2017 New Year-New You Body Transformation Challenge! In 6 short weeks, she lost and amazing 5.3% Body Fat. (11.2 Lbs. of body fat) gained 4.2lbs of muscle and looks amazing. She followed the program and worked her but off and the results speak for themselves. Congratulations on your amazing transformation “Squat Queen”! You’re Awesome!

Here is what Liat had to say:

Thru my years at K-Strength I have done several contests.  Some have been better than others but the results were always pretty decent I thought.  I was always able to lose 2 -2.5% but could never really do more than that.  I just thought that my body got to a certain point and couldn’t lose anymore.  This contest was different.  With the elimination of food from my diet and then reintroducing it back in slowly, I realized that certain foods I was eating on a daily basis were not good for me.  It turns out that the foods that I thought were healthy didn’t really work with my body and weight loss.  I was so surprised to learn that I lost 5.1% and was at my lowest body fat ever!  This new nutritional program has helped me so much and I plan to maintain it going forward.

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