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Well fall is here, school is back in session and cold and flu season is upon us. Now if you’re like me and you love Fall but you hate being sick there are some steps you can take to help increase your odds of not getting any of the colds, flus and stomach bugs that...
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One of the most common questions I get asked in regards to upper body training is “I can’t do chin-ups, how can I get better at them?” The Chin-up and other variations such as pull-ups can be the arch-nemesis of many a trainee and with good reason. The chin-up or what many like to call...
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During the tail end of a training session with one of my elite athletes, we had a discussion about people, life and how for some reason we usually get exactly what we earn. I know it’s a pretty deep discussion for the end of a workout but a great workout can inspire more than a...
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