Society and environmental factors have taken a toll on today’s man. Today with hectic work schedules, less physical activity, environmental estrogen’s and stress levels 100 times greater than our grandparents, obesity has increased and testosterone levels have plummeted. It leaves men unhealthy, feeling weak, stressed out, overweight, lethargic and with low libidos! To combat this we introduce to you a boot camp experience for men only, designed to bring us back to our Primal Roots!

At Primal Male Boot Camp we don’t just lift weights. There is no boring cardio and machines here. We will push, pull, drag, climb, carry, slam and throw you into the best shape of your life! Using a combination of testosterone boosting high intensity power training (HIPT)  with the Paleo Nutrition and Supplementation Program you can once again feel like the Primal Man you were meant to be. Now is the time to improve your health, energy, libido and muscle mass while decreasing stress and body fat, helping you achieve the body and lifestyle you always wanted. Sign up today for your Free Trial and find out what it means to feel and be PRIMAL!!!!

Program Highlights

  • Fully equipped, climate controlled, Indoor Facility to assure variety, challenge and results!
  • Small class sizes of a maximum of 16 men per Training Instructor to guarantee personalized attention, quality and results
  • Different workouts every day utilizing equipment ranging from Kettle Bells, Sand Bags, Free Weights, Battling Ropes, Pulling Ropes, Sleds, Medicine Balls,  Swiss Balls, Body Weight, Bands, Tires, Sledge Hammers, Calisthenics, Sprinting, Agility Drills, Rings and More to prevent boredom and shock your body into results
  •  All the benefits of private personal training in a fun and motivational small group atmosphere for 1/5th the cost!
  • Each Client Receives and initial Body composition analysis and consultation.
  • Following the initial consultation and 1st month of Boot Camp Training you will be reevaluated to monitor progress and adjust your nutritional and supplement programs to ensure success!
  • The Secret to Primal Male Boot Camp’s results producing workouts is High Intensity Power Training (HIPT)!
  • High Intensity Power Training  is simply the fusion of rapid fat loss interval training AND total body functional resistance training exercises for the most rapid and lasting fat loss possible!
  • Combine this type of training with our nutritional guidelines and supplementation programs and watch the fat melt off and the healthy, studly body you’ve always dreamed of appear!
  • 60-Minute Small Group Workouts with 7 class times per week to accommodate everyone’s schedule
  • Done-fore-you Rapid Weight Loss Paleo Dietary Guidelines and Sample Meal Plans
  • Discounted supplement packages to assure convenience, health and results
  • Monthly body composition measurements to monitor your progress
  • 3 month, 6 month and 12 Month packages to fit your needs and goals
  • Physique Transformation Challenges!
  • Valuable Prizes to the first and second  and third place winners!
  • Up to 20 Classes within your 30 day package!


Start getting PRIMAL TODAY! Call or Email NOW and schedule your FREE Trial!!!