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Well fall is here, school is back in session and cold and flu season is upon us. Now if you’re like me and you love Fall but you hate being sick there are some steps you can take to help increase your odds of not getting any of the colds, flus and stomach bugs that are going around. The most important way to prevent getting sick is to wash your hands often. Especially after touching door knobs, railings, and other objects out in public or that someone sick may have been in contact with.  The other most important way is to eat a healthy diet. This means avoiding sugar, processed and fried foods, dairy and gluten (if you are sensitive) and eating more healthy fats and vegetables. The third way if you want to take it a step further and add some supplements that have plenty of evidence for strengthening your immune system, then please read on.

  • Vitamin C: Almost everyone knows that vitamin C is good for you and has been shown to decrease your odds of getting sick as well as helping you recover faster if you get sick. The problem is most people take too low of a dose. To get the best results using vitamin C take 3-5 grams per day in divided dosages. Thorne Vitamin C with Flavonoids
  • Vitamin D: Another of the anti-oxidants that not only help strengthen your immune system but also positively help your body in thousands of ways is vitamin-D. We can make our own vitamin D through daily sun exposure but with the short, cold days of winter this can be difficult. On top of that, according to findings published in the Archives of Internal Medicine Three-quarters of U.S. teens and adults are deficient in vitamin D! To help keep your vitamin D levels sufficient and your immune system firing on all cylinders take 5000iu/day Thorne Vitamin D 5000
  • Probiotics: Did you know that approximately seventy to eighty percent of your immune tissue is located within your digestive system? That’s right. Unfortunately, millions of people worldwide have poor digestive systems or some form of digestive disorder. The good news is taking a high-quality probiotic such as, Thorne Flora Sport Probiotic can help rebalance the healthy bacteria in your gut which can improve digestion and boost your immune system. Follow the direction on the bottle. Beware of cheap supplements. It is important that the bacteria are stable at room temperature and can pass through the stomach. Otherwise they will not be active or able to make it to the intestine s where they work their magic.
  • L-Glutamine: L-Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the blood stream. Your body uses L-glutamine to repair/build muscle, lower blood sugar, improve gut health and boost immune fighting cells among a host of other positive things. To get maximum benefit take 5-10 grams daily. The powder is the most cost effective and easy way to take this supplement. Mix with your favorite healthy beverage. Thorne L-Glutamine
  • IP-6 with Inositol: IP-6 & Inositol boosts the body’s natural cellular defenses by increasing the levels of inositol phosphates in your cells, natural substances found in your body and supports natural killer-cell (NK) activity to help enhance the immune system. Not only does this stuff help prevent you from getting sick but it can help you get over being sick much faster. The best brand out there is Enzymatic Therapy Cell Forte & IP-6 Take 2 capsules 2x/day. At the first sign of a cold or other sickness take 2 capsules every couple of hours up to 10 capsules per day to knock it out.

Although there are a ton of supplements, herbs and essential oils on the market that can help boost immune function the above list contains some of the most well researched and effective ones available. Plus, the side benefits of better overall health are a huge bonus. If you are looking to make it through this cold and flu season unscathed then give the above recommendations a try.


Yours in health.



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